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Faux beam encasements are intended to be installed for a number of reasons: full faux beams can’t be accommodated, to change the face of real or faux beams, to be installed concurrently with full faux wood beams etc. Faux beam encasements emulate the look of wood beam textures at a fraction of the cost.  Our faux wood beam encasements are easy to install (of course we can help you with the process if you would like). Our faux beam encasements come in a variety of designs: color, texture, finish, size, etc. They can be strategically placed to cover up structures like piping and wiring. Further, when used in conjunction with our faux beams, they can be used to create a variety of ceiling effects: sunken ceilings, tongue, and groove, grid ceilings, etc. 

Originally, the most effective beams in architecture are ‘I – beams’ (or ‘H’ shaped). These are the same beams used in steel construction. Though they provide structural integrity, the H-shape is a bit unsightly within an interior. Our faux beam encasements utilize a unique design. They are hollow-body, interlocking and come in rectangular shapes that emulate traditional wooden beams.

All of our faux beam encasements are competitively priced! We want to have an excellent relationship with all our clients. Having been in this industry for over 25 years, we know that the best way to achieve this relationship is by providing excellent rates along with excellent service. We have done this in the past, and will always integrate it into our business model. We are happy to bring you show you what our faux beams can accomplish in your home! We have the best faux beam encasements in San Diego, CA.

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