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Showcase Beams is an expert when it comes to decorative faux beams in San Diego, CA. Our decorative faux beams are designed to highlight a variety of wood grains and finishes. Our faux beams are a perfect décor option for any interior makeover or decorative redesign. Our faux beams have been lauded by interior decorators for their practicality, cost effectiveness, as well as their ability to change a room.  

You will find that our beams come in a number of decorative faux finishes that look just like wood! They are the best quality and feature a variety of colors, textures and designs.

Preferable to plastic, our decorative faux beams are made of high-quality materials. Other plastic ceiling components are not resistant to mold, bacteria, and lose their sheen over time. Contrariwise, our decorative faux beams are highly durable and resistant to molds, bacteria, etc.  

Did you know that our wood beams can raise the value of your home? When you are trying to sell or leverage your home, a little can go a long way. Adding our decorative beams to you home reflect a refined taste and can attract buyers of all kinds! Our decorative beams are truly elegant!

Impress your guests! Our decorative beams transform interiors! Our customers have testified how we have impact the way their home looks. We are always proud of the work that we do and we know that you will be proud to show off your home’s new look!

We know beams. We have years of experience as faux beam experts! We have seen firsthand the changes it can make in an interior! Take a look at our gallery and see what we can do to truly change your home for the better.

When you need decorative faux beams, come to us at Showcase Beams!

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