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Showcase Beams is located in San Diego, CA.  Our reach of service includes Orange County, CA. We have about years of experience in faux beams, encasements, and décor. We are dedicated to offering the very best service to our loyal customers.

Our goal is to offer an affordable, yet extremely unique service and product to our customers. At Showcase Beams, we take the middleman out of the equation, cutting costs for our customers. We deal directly with the manufacturers and designers of these magnificent faux interior wood or stone effects. In this way, we can be more intricately involved in the details, ensuring that your product meets your exact specifications decided on. We are also able to optimize communication in this way, being able to offer any input from you at any time during the process.

We are an environmentally friendly, green company that believes in tree preservation wherever possible. With Showcase beams, we afford our customers the ability to acquire that original, stately, bold rustic look without compromising or endangering our pristine and delicate environment. We provide a vast array of faux wood products that are more than just faux wooden beams, our products have a variety of applications.   

You will find our services and products to be of the highest quality. We offer excellent customer service along with an efficient, fast, yet thorough installation. Our Faux beams require no structural alteration to your roof or ceiling since they are lightweight.

Showcase Beams will cover everything from start to finish for you, starting with a free estimate, custom product manufacture, followed by professional installation.

To learn more about our magnificent faux wood beams and products, call the experts at Showcase Beams.

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